Artists and collectors help to help

Part of the money to finance our aid projects the Foundation earns on the sale of art. Here we are supported by well-known artists such as Jörg Immendorff, Markus Lüpertz, Stephan Balkenhol, Abraham David Christian, Jörg Sasse, Jenny Holzer and Günther Uecker.

Thank you for this!

As the art sale has been well growing, we have developed this over the past ten years, more and more.

Our aim "Top quality at cheap prices" works and the leg "art sale" has become an important financier of the foundation.
A step away from dependence on donations.

Double delight: The buyer of the art finance our projects and help needy children around the world. In addition, they can look forward every day on a beautiful work of art - whether in the office or in the private housing.
The third joy is the appreciation of the works. Many of our artworks have increased significantly in value! Quality matters!