Dieter Roth

  • Title: Entenjagd 1971

    Media: Chocolate, plastic, wooden box

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  • Title: Exil 1979

    Media: Drawing on cardboard

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  • Title: Rabbit-shit-rabbit, 1972

    Media: straw and rabbit dung

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  • Title: Schimmelbild, 1969

    Media: Kakao on litograph

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  • Title: Vogelfutterbüste, 1968

    Media: Figure out of bird food and chocolate

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  • Title: Flache Dichterbüste 1969

    Media: Chocolate Relief in cardboard box

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  • Title: Taschenzimmer, 1968

    Media: Slice bananas over rice nail on stamp image in a plastic box. Box mounted in fixed object

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  • Title: Kleine Landschaften 1968

    Media: Cheese and sandpaper under
    transparent foil

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Vita Dieter Roth

1930Born in Hannover, Germany
1943Moved permanently to Zurich, Switzerland were he started painting and writing poetry
1947Moved to bern, Switzerland with his family where he began an apprenticeship in commercial art
1957Moved to Reykjavik, Iceland
1960Won the William and Norma Copley Award
1970Taught at the School of Graphic Design, Providence, RI
1991Awarded the Genevan Prix Caran d’Ache Beaux Arts, Switzerland
1998Died: in Basel, Switzerland