Orders and settlement

Orders should be addressed to:


Korff-Stiftung GmbH
Hettenshausen Strasse 3
85304 Ilmmünster

by phone at: Phone: + 49 (0) 84 41/40 21 23
Fax: + 49 (0) 84 41/40 21 98

or by email: info(at)


Order: You can order via e-mail, fax or call us for further information. If you need more details or better pictures for the artwork please let us know.

Transaction: After we have your order by phone or mail, you will receive the invoice by mail, fax or mail. Once the amount been transferred, we send the work immediately and insured to you.

Payment: Most of the payment goes through wire. We accept no Credit carts yet.

Foundation: The Art-shop belongs to the Korff Foundation. With the profit we support our projects for children.

Donation receipt: Since this is a regular trade in art, and you get for your money commodity, we cannot issue a donation receipt.