Romania: Social centre for the children of Unterracaciuni

To improve the inconceivably degrading life particularly for the children of Unterracaciuni, a social centre has originated there with support of the Korff Foundation in spring, 2006. There the children receive help with the homework, also learning deficits are worked off. They get regular meals and together with medical treatment also instructions in the matter of health and hygiene. With a lot of love and possibilities for the unclouded play, painting, romping around and other activities... a new, positive life perspective should be given to the children. For the poorest families and the destitute people of Unterracaciuni a donation of the Korff Foundation was already initiated. With it clothes, food, cooking devices and a minimum in equipment were procured first of all for approx. 30 families. The urgently necessary renovation measures in roofs and walls and transfer of floors on the mucky ground will also be tackled.

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