Düsseldorf: KID specialized facility

Name CiD stands for "Child in Dusseldorf"
The special to CiD: Within the scope of a comprehensive approach children, who are injured of violence, with all her social relations are put in the centre. In excess of the special diagnostics and the comprehensive treatment it is above all a stable everyday world which gives the necessary hold to the children in her vital crisis. Kindergarten, school or spare time in the local community - everything belongs there just to the everyday life, how the difficult processing of a painful past.

Diagnostics, therapy and everyday world - CiD unites all essential components.

Socio-therapeutic apartment-sharing community
Here children find admission whose experience of violence affected them emotionally that hard that a further individual therapeutic treatment must be guaranteed. In the apartment-sharing community they should get help to find a new centre of interest - a place at which they feel secure and where CiD can provide help in other important decision-making processes.

The building "Am Vogelsang" needed a thorough general renovation. The Korff foundation has taken over a large part of the costs.

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