Hannover: "Fresh service vehicle" for meals on wheels

An often expressed opinion is, one must counteract against the consumption thinking of our children, provide for them other values. This may reasonable make sense in most cases. However, there is also the other side in Germany and she is to be thought difficult: Undersupply. Starving children in Germany. The charitable society Help to starving children supplies about 700 children in different social facilities in the area Hannover with food. To be able to distribute and transport the food in a healthwise safe state, a vehicle which is equipped with a cooling system is necessary. Such a vehicle was handed over at the end of January, 2006, by the team leader of Mercedes-Benz, Thorsten Bartels, to the charitable society Help to starving children. A brand new Mercedes-Benz sprinter type 313 CDI. The sprinter comes directly from the plant Dusseldorf and is altered to a so-called "fresh service vehicle". Half of the costs for the vehicle and for the rebuilding were taken over by the Daimler-Chrysler AG itself, other half of the purchase price came from the cooperation Children for a Better World / Korff foundation. To be able to distribute and transport the food in a healthwise safe state the Korff foundation took over half of the costs of the purchase price of a Mercedes "Sprinter" which is used as a fresh service vehicle.


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