Lüneburg: Children's table

Also the children's table in Luneburg is supported by the Korff foundation. Since 1995 she offers a warm lunch to children. While having the common lunch they can "disclose", but also look for consolation and advice from honourary employees. After having the meal the children have the possibility to get certified help with the homework in the rooms of the children's table. With this help it is possible for them to reach a graduation. Without graduation they have no other chance to begin an apprenticeship and therefore become outsiders of our society. In this manner children are perceived and accepted. The children's table gives them a nest and time which otherwise nobody dedicates to them. "We want to love and accomodate children, take children seriously and protect them, entertain and promote them, listen to them and be pity for them if it is appropriate, to argue for children, take care for them and talk to them." It is not tried to change the cirumstances because it is not possible but to be there for children who need it. Up to 40 children receive here on the weekdays a warm meal which is free of charge.

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