Benin: New building of 6 classrooms

The charitable, still rather young association SONAFA (foundation: 2002) is involved exclusively in Benin and builds there among other things village schools. The board of directors of the association looks itself after the projects. A board member, a Beninese who has studied and has done his doctorate in Germany  Dr. Mensah Wekenon Tokponto, is most of the time in the country and looks after the projects. He is a lecturer at a university there. In Germany a retired teacher, Mrs. Ute Pohlmann looks after the donation management. The income of the association is still low, the projects accordingly always relatively small, but adequate and target-oriented. With the telephone calls with Mrs. Pohlmann we won a very good impression. In the village Zoungoudo the association would like to build a small school with 6 classrooms, equip it with furniture and provide teaching materials.

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