Brazil: Educational centre of Mandacaru

The provincial town Pedro II with approx. 35,000 inhabitants is situated in the north-east of Brazil, the poorhouse of the country. The region is almost exclusively affected by agriculture. The educational centre was founded already in the end of 1991. Eponym is the cactus "Mandacaru" which is able to survive in the most paltry areas. Mandacaru maintains in the town Pedro II several social facilities, among other things kindergartens and children day-care centres in which 170 school children, 85 kindergarten children and 35 toddlers from social-weak families are looked after. The centre needs durable support to be able to adhere the operation upright. A large part of the running costs is paid through donations, primarily from Germany.

For more information: Missionshilfe Pedro II Brasilien e. V., Ahornweg 2, 53797 Lohmar