Brazil: Children suffering from AIDS in the Casa Crianca Querida in Sao Paulo

On the 18th of November, 2004 was the opening. Casa Crianca Querida the attendants entitled their new house in Sao Paulo. It could be bought and altered by the association "Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V.". by allowances of the Korff Foundation. Now up to 45 children suffering from AIDS from the shanty towns at the age of half a year to six years can be taken care of in this facility, also medically. With this care their destiny has become more tolerable. Carers and voluntary assistants look affectionately after the small patients. Since the parents, as far as they are still there, belong to the poorest of the poor in the country and they themselves have to fight with the incurable virus illness and their economic misery. Even though the house is in a relatively quiet area it wasn't possible to renounce a high wall, a massive iron gate, etc. Unfortunately, in a town like Sao Paulo such safety measures are compelling necessary.Nevertheless, one has succeeded in offering a lighthearted atmosphere to the children in their day-care centre. There are already considerations about an expansion of the project. By this expansion the children suffering from AIDS, who already go to school and therefore had to leave the day-care centre should be taken care of in the afternoon as soon as possible. At home, in the Favela huts, this is not possible.


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