China: Rural Orphan project for orphans

The Rural Orphan project supports orphans in rural areas who are accommodated with grandparents or other relatives. This applies if the bodily parents have passed away, or a parent leaves the family and the partner remarries and the children are left behind. Nevertheless, the relatives who take care of this child often cannot pay for the  maintenance and the college fees. The family members who take up the children get the costs for maintenance, medical care and school education  from the fund. Thereby it is made possible for the children to grow up in the habitual familial environment. All together 347 families are supported. At this project we work together with "Children for a better world" who have founded the partners organisation „Amity Children Fund of Hope„ in China to be able to accomplish projects together for the support of orphan's children in China. These families are visited at least once a year by the employees of the Children Amity Fund of Hope to ascertain whether the children are well.

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