Ecuador: Day-care centre for South American Indian's children in Quito

In the smallest country in the Andes, perhaps as largely as Great Britain, live just 13 million people; 65 percent of them below the poverty border - with the known problems: lacking or no school education, malnourished children, child labor, rural depopulation of the rural population to the towns. The gap between poor and rich becomes bigger and bigger. The poorest 20 percent of the population dispose of just 2 percent of the income. For single mothers and their children it is far the worst. In the quarters in the suburban area near the Casa del Sol many of those abandoned women with their children live. For these mothers there is no social coverage. The mothers mostly have to cover far distances to their work, to be able to nourish themselves and their often numerous children. Because one cannot take the little ones along to work, they are locked up in the hut the whole day, babies are tied in the bed. This leads to illnesses, psychically and physically, and not seldom to the death, but in any way always to an underdevelopment of the children. This destiny is spared to the children in Casa del Sol.