Myanmar: School lunch in Mandalay

Myanmar is one of the poorest countries of the world. And the boycott measures of the European Union and the USA make the situation worse for the population. For decades Myanmar was insulated by the outside world, but since some years it opens and the youth is especially interested in learning. The development association Myanmar is a charitable association for educational support in Myanmar with the principles: Help to the self-help and Learning by Doing. The support applies to school education and professional training in Mandalay and Mingun and encloses the individual support of numerous students. With experts teachers are trained (teach the teacher). In specific social training unities the children learn to integrate themselves into the society and to state appropriately. When the doctors, who work for the school clinic which was established by the development association, discovered that the small children suffer from a remarkable vitamin deficiency it was decided to build a kitchen for school lunch on the area of the convent school.

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