Sri Lanka: Children's village Little Smile

In the mountains of Sri Lanka on about 800 metres height lies the children's village of the Little Smile organisation. As already during the past years since the Tsunami disaster the Korff foundation decisively supports this project. Here currently 83 children live and learn in 5 child houses together with 13 attendants, 11 teachers, 4 culinary women, 2 administrative assistants and the leaders Mr. Anton. For several years now, Little Smile takes care of ill-treated children. Particularly children from poor families and especially girls without family have no chance of a humane life in Sri Lanka. The distress was already big, particularly for social and war orphans, before the Tsunami. The Tsunami disaster still aggravated this situation. The children's village Koslanda encloses 21 buildings at 11 levels among those buildings there are also training companies and houses for widows with children. Below the temple area in the children's village Little Smile an international school originates. The children from the children's village, as well as children from all over Sri Lanka (college fees) should visit the school. This international school will lay its main focus in languages as well as on old cultural knowledge which is unique in Sri Lanka.For many years Little Smile pursues its own carpenter's workshop in the children's village. With it it is possible to produce cheaper, but above all qualitatively high-quality. I.e. in plain English that all window and door flames as well as roof frameworks and all wooden pieces of furniture come from own production. The carpenter's workshop is led as a profit centre. The profit flows to 100% in the children's village. Since the middle of 1999 herbs are grown in Little Smile. For Little Smile it is a matter, primarily of preserving the apprenticeship of the Ayurveda genuinely and of transmitting to well-chosen pupils. The marketing of the Ayurveda products made in Little Smile has no high value, rather the physical medicine is used for cheers of the children and employees, but also for supporters. For the accommodation of the boys who come neither from the children's village nor from the catchment area of Koslanda and which visit the international school, a boy's house was built and  which is currently extended with a learning hall and a sports field. 

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