Buy art and help

Artists and Collectors help to help

The aid projects of our Foundation are partly financed by selling art. There we are supported by the well-known artists  such as Jörg Immendorff , Markus Lüpertz, Stephan Balkenhol, Abraham David Christian, Jörg Sasse and Günther Uecker. Thanks a lot for this!

Since the art sale is highly welcomed, the offer over the past decade has been continuously expanded. Our motto "Top quality at top prices" works out and the field "Art Sales" has developed into an important part of the foundation.

Twice the Joy: The buyers co-finance the aid projects of the Foundation. In addition, they can enjoy every day a beautiful piece of art - whether in an office or in a private apartment.
The third joy lies in the increase in value of the works. Many of our works raised significantly in value.

Quality matters!